Frequently Asked Questions


Lead Time For Custom Orders:

We try to keep our lead times as low as possible at all times of the year, but business can be highly seasonal as you would expect in this industry. Please check our home page and Facebook ( for current, up to date lead times.  Typical lead times are 2-3 weeks from November-February, and 3-6 weeks from March-October on our standard Black items. 2-3 months year round for Chrome items. 


"You're a week past my quoted build time, what are you going to do about it?"


Short answer? Pretty much nothing. You have our heartfelt apologies, but, we are doing the best we can. We give lead times as an APPROXIMATE date for a reason. We build these to order. Many times we run into supply hiccups. Tools break. Things happen. Our shop is also owned and managed by Veterans, and vets build your products. If you aren't aware, most of us veterans have at least one lasting physical , mental, or emotional injury. This provides its own set of challenges in a production environment. On any given week we could have a guy sneeze wrong and throw out his back for 2 weeks, and another have an emotional meltdown because of an anniversary date of something that happened. As you can imagine, this can throw our production schedule out the window, and into a blast furnace. Rest assured, we are working as hard and fast as we can, and we will get your item to you as closely to the stated time frame as humanly possible.


Do You Offer Custom Emblems?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Due to severe short staffing, we just don't have enough hours in the day to take on additional customizing options. 


How Tall Are Your Sissy Bars?

"The listing states X" in the heading by Y" in the product description." Yup, sure does. Our products listed measurements are taken from the top of the fender, to the top of the sissy bar. The product description shows the size of the box it ships in (used to calculate your shipping at checkout). We have no way to change how our web host displays this. Sorry for the confusion.


How Tall/Short Can I get My Sissy Bar?

The tallest standard option we can offer is 36".  Shortest would be 15" WITH a pad, and 12" WITHOUT a pad. There are some model bikes with rear ends that are more narrow, that we can go even shorter on, but they are the EXCEPTION not the RULE. Please call or contact us if you have any questions. 


Custom Colors/Non-Coated (Unfinished) Products:

Yes, we can do that. We have access to over 30,000 colors of powder coat. All we need from you is a color code, and enough of a budget to purchase 5lbs of it to properly work in our application machine, +$40 color change fee. You WILL need to call in to place the order so we can make sure all information is correct, and we get you an accurate quote. Have your own powder coater or chrome plater? Awesome, you can select the unfinished option in our "Build Your Own Sissy Bar" page.


Can I Buy Component Parts?

 We do NOT sell sissy bar components (uprights, brackets, or emblems) piecemeal.  


Import Duties and Taxes:

We love selling our products around the world. In fact, we have sold parts in over 130 countries, and on every continent except Antarctica. But, keeping up with worldwide import and duty tax rates and building them into our pricing is something we cannot do as a small business that sells primarily in our own country. The purchaser is considered liable for any and all import duties and taxes. Please call or contact us directly if this poses a problem with your purchase.