Warranty Info/Definitions

-30 Day Satisfaction guarantee-

If for any reason you are not satisfied. Return your item for a full refund of the purchase price. If the reason for return was our fault, we will also reimburse all shipping costs.

-1 Year Finish warranty-

Covers against peeling, flaking, and delamination of the powder coated surface of the part for one year after receipt of the item.

-Unlimited Lifetime warranty-

Only applies to the original purchaser, and extends to defects in craftsmanship and material. If a weld ever breaks, or an upright bends from NORMAL wear and tear, we will replace it no questions asked. This does NOT apply to instances including but not limited to: Rust through due to part neglect, accidental damage through over stressing the part (Overloading, or vehicular accidents), part modification or abuse, or any other applicable situation. This does not cover wear items such as (but not limited to) quick release hardware, or backrest pads.


-Sissy Bars-

A backrest and luggage attachment accessory with brackets welded on to facilitate installation on the motorcycle. Not intended as a safety device in the event of accidents.


-Made in America Guarantee-

Guarantee applies to sissy bars and uprights only.  They are formed from a composite of cold rolled and hot rolled steel components, that are forged as base materials, laser cut, formed, and assembled to specification in the US at our shop and others across the country. This guarantee does not extend to all quick release hardware, or backrest pads.



1. We are not liable in the event of accident or injury while using our parts. Certain modifications with bolt on accessories, or adding passengers to motorcycles and other vehicles can change its ride characteristics. Please be advised that if you are injured while using our products, we will assist you in every way that we can, but we will not be held liable.

2. We are not liable for damage to your motorcycle caused by improper installation,  installation method, or use of our products. We purposely build our products to create the easiest installation method, but cannot provide instructions due to liability and the incurred insurance costs. Please be advised that if you part does not look like it fits perfectly, you should contact our shop IMMEDIATELY so that we may ascertain if there is a problem with our products. If you find yourself uncertain in the installation of our products in ANY aspect, we HIGHLY recommend professional installation.